The Difference Between Microblading and Eyebrow Tattoos! 

Have you ever thought about the differences between microblading and eyebrow tattoos? Let’s keep things straightforward and establish the facts!

With microblading:
What? manually applied, semi-permanent strokes made using a hand instrument.
Why? To resemble genuine hair and get a natural look. Perfect for thin brows.

Tattoos on the brows:
What? pigments placed permanently using a tattoo machine.
Why? a more robust, bold appearance. can be used by those who already have tattoos.

The Difference?

  • Tattoos are permanent; microblading is semi-permanent.
  • The results from microblading are softer and more realistic.
  • The appearance of tattoos is more substantial and filled-in.

How Do You Choose?

Style, way of life, and level of dedication all matter. Remember, tattoos last a lifetime; microblading requires touch-ups. Finding the best fit for your ideal brows is the most important part!

Questions or an interest in knowing more? Leave a comment; we’re happy to help!

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