The Truth About the Microblading!

Let’s clear up some confusion and dispel some widespread misconceptions about microblading. Nothing fancy here; just the facts!

Myth: It Hurts A Lot!
Truth: Because of numbing creams, the majority of clients report just minor discomfort. More accurately, it feels like a “mild scratch”.

Myth: Is Exactly Like Getting a Tattoo!
Truth: The pigment used in microblading fades over time and is applied using a separate procedure. It’s not permanent; it’s only temporary.

Myth: Is Just for Narrow Brows!
Truth: The truth is that microblading suits all brow types! It can reshape, define, or fill in empty spaces.

Myth: It Needs a Lot of Upkeep!
Truth: Although touch-ups are necessary, they are not a constant burden. Enjoy generally low-maintenance brows!

Myth: Microblading Appearance Is Fake!
Truth: A good artist can make microblading appear natural. The secret? picking the appropriate artist!

Myth: Is Only Done on Women
Truth: The truth is that men can also profit from microblading! It helps enhance brow definition without looking girly.

The greater your knowledge, the better brows you choose!

Have more concerns or heard a different myth? Leave a comment below!

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