The RIGHT sunscreen and how to select it!

It’s summer time ladies and you know what that means! – Time to relax, lay back, and obtain that tan we’ve all been wanting since spring! Now, getting a tan is great and all – but how mindful are we really being about how much sun exposure we’re subjecting our skin to? This post will answer that question and help you pick out the RIGHT sunscreen that will actually protect you this summer.

What are the harmful effects of sun exposure? Why protect ourselves in the first place? Things like premature aging, skin cancer, and sunburn are all consequences of letting UV rays touch your skin. These are some harsh side effects. And these are only scratching the surface. Most people just later on coats of sunscreen and hope for the best, but that might not always be the solution.

Here’s the technical rundown: Sunscreen contains inorganic compounds that allow our skin to physically block the sun’s harmful UV rays by reflecting the rays off our skin. These compounds can also absorb the light rays themselves furthering our cause. The one ingredient that allows for maximum absorption of these rays is called Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide.

The problem is most people select sunscreen based on the SPF number as opposed to the actual ingredients in their product. Most think that, I want the highest quality sunscreen so I’ll just pick on that has SPF gazillion (Insert huge number here). That’s what we are trying to convey. The ingredient is a LOT more important than the SPF account. The SPF account is simply a measure of how many hours it would take for your skin to start feeling the adverse effects of sun exposure compared to one hour of no protection. But all that doesn’t matter if you’ve got a sunscreen with the wrong ingredient in it.

Researchers have touted the same advise. The actual product is what’s important. Not the SPF number placed on it. Another tip: constantly re-applying sunscreen does not further aid in absorption of the harmful UV rays of the sun. In fact, slathering on layer upon layer does nothing after the first layer outside of making you look like you’re covered in cake batter. It’s important to be mindful of toweling off sunscreen completely as that’s a common theme among st people engaging in recreational water activities.

Our Recommendation?
Here at Nashville Eyebrow Microblading, we recommend the YourGoodSkin Anti-Oxidant Day Cream SPF 30. This sunscreen does a great job of not only protecting me from all the consequences of adverse skin exposure but also making sure I don’t get sunburn (which is common even if you do apply sunscreen). And since it can be found at your local pharmacy, its affordable and easy to find – CVS, Walmart, Target – you name it. They got it. If you got some value out of this post, be sure to check out other blog posts in the future and to tell your friends and family about your new favorite blog!

One that is very popular on the market, and a personal favorite of ours at Knoxville Eyebrow Microblading, is the YourGoodSkin Anti-Oxidant Day Cream SPF 30. It never fails to protect me appropriately from the sun, and I never get burnt! Also, with this affordable of a price, you really cannot go wrong. You can pick this product up at any CVS, Walmart, Target, or any cosmetic selling store. Don’t forget to lather up this summer! Pass on the new information you learned about important sunscreen facts to your friends!

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